New member trying to post

I am a new NACHI member. I tried to reply to a post in the Education forum about the free 3-day Commercial training but a pop up said I didn’t have permission to post. Can you tell me what happened?


Andy Frost

never mind. it was a logging in problem on my part.

Thats what happens when you forget what you name is.
Been there done that .
Welcome to the real world .
Roy Cooke

Hi Andy,
welcome to the MB



Welcome to NACHI, Andy. I think you’ll find the vast majority of folks here very friendly and helpful. Please call of write if you have a question or need some assistance.

You’re right about the friendly and helpful part Eric. Got to watch out for those “Bears” fans though.

Nice to see you, Mike… but please don’t tell me you’re an Indy fan, or the whole helpful/friendly thing goes right out the window. :wink:

Not an Indy fan, but that’s where my money is. I think it’s a toss up who will have the meltdown, Grossman or Manning

Seriously though, nice to see you too. Lots of folks we know miss you and your contributions. I hope all is going well.