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Found this site by searching the net. I’m a paid firefighter, working with a company that does fire extinguisher, alarms, fire suppression. And I have worked with them on a part time basis for about 4 years. And will retire after 30 years fighting fires. I enjoy the work, and love the company I work for. So I’m hoping to become certified when I become full-time. So I’m here to read and learn.thank you.

I’m new but so far it’s a great trade. You will love it, you came to right place.

Best Place to learn if you are serious David.

Welcome to the site.
InterNACHI is loaded with great information.

I would recommend spending a lot of time searching old threads for information.

Welcome, dont forget all the tools you get! Such as inspection agreement signed online.

Your in the right place.

Welcome David.
Tell me, are you looking to become a Home Inspector, or (the way I read your post), to become a Certified Fire Suppression Technician/Inspector (or whatever the correct term is)? Either way, we have a few retired Firemen that post here regularly and should be able to assist with your unique perspective questions.