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Thank You :slight_smile:

Welcome Mary, A lot already has been said. A couple bits of advice. Think things through long and hard before making a decision. You will go broke buying the latest gadget everytime something comes out. To be successful in this business you need a plan in place before you start. You need to understand marketing etc.

Hence the books :slight_smile:

“Florida Inspectors This is a place for Florida InterNACHI inspectors to discuss Florida inspection topics, wind mitigation inspections and 4-point inspections.”
That is what the heading says for this forum. I for one would be MUCH happier if we could return to that point instead of petty snipes and people leaving because of the childish behavior of a few.
I used to learn a lot from this forum and enjoyed hearing the collective wisdom of our organization in Florida. Now I hardly ever read it, for obvious reasons.
Everyone has gone to facebook. Then why do I continue to belong to interNachi?

If your only reason for being an InterNACHI member is for the forums section, perhaps you are correct and your money would be better spent at NAHI.

With that being said…

Since you are in the Tampa Bay area, you might want to attend the local chapter meeting on Wednesday.

No better way to network and meet people who will help you even though you may be their competition.

Welcome Mary! Check out the Inspector Brotherhood group on Facebook … lots of florida inspectors that are willing to mentor people new to the field. You picked a great place to start. I’m sure you are going to do great.

The Tampa Bay chapter meets every month on the second Wednesday. There are very helpful inspectors there who are willing to help.
I think our speaker next month will be talking about Wind Mitigation reports.