New Member

When you become a new member do you have to take all of the courses that are required in the first year. If so my credits will go well above the 24 hrs needed. One section it said that it wasnt required for new members. Any help?

Here is the inside secret: It’s all automated, but gentle. The more you do to comply with membership, the greater your access to everything is. So if you are a new member, it is to your advantage to get your 24 hours logged in the first year. By the same token, if you are not keeping up, your privileges and benefits start to diminish over time.

Since the courses are conveniently online and free, you should be able to knock out 24 hours of CE in your first calendar year, even if you joined at Christmas.

Take as much as you can.😃

The more you know the better off you are.

I have over 40 hours already of continuous education. Under the membership requirements list it says that I will have to take all the classes listed in the first year of joining. So do I only need the 24hours of continuous education? Thanks

So those are two separate (but similar) sets of requirements (one for CPI and one for annual CE) The courses you take to fulfill one also count as the courses required to fulfill the other (you need not take the same course twice).

They are all conveniently online and free so complete them all eventually… and not to fulfill any requirements, but rather to increase your technical competency.