New Mexico Home Inspector Licensing meeting with REALTORs and Nick Gromicko on Aug 19

FYI, the link says Thursday the 19th, but the 19th is Friday… Thursday or Friday? Thanks!

Nice catch Marcy. Fixed. Thanks.

If anyone is driving from Colorado, I’m off exit 64 of I-25, You can park your car here, (trust me I’m in the middle of the boondocks, it’ll be safe) and we can carpool the rest of the way, I just registered. Haven’t picked a hotel for the night of the 19th yet, let me know where everyone is staying and I’ll go there too…

Marcy, I am… along with Lena and April (InterNACHI staffers). Shall I pick you up on the way?

Oh, if you want, what time are you thinking of leaving Boulder? What hotel are you guys at? What time are you thinking of heading home? Might just follow, but it might be nice to have some conversation for that ride as well…

We have a big Suburban. We’d probably get to you on the 18th and drive until we don’t want to. Leaving right after the meeting. No hotels reserved. We play it by ear. We’re loose and road trips are fun for us. Both Lena and April are speaking at the meeting.

Sure, I’ll take a ride along with you guys. Might just be fun! Give me a call when you guys are leaving boulder, and I’ll give you good directions. I’m about 5 minutes off I-25, or I can meet you at the exit… Either way works for me… just let me know.

719-252-5167 (call or txt)

OK. We’ll call you when we leave here and keep in touch on the way down.

Bump… reminder:

Just don’t forget to pick me up!

We won’t! April and I are leaving here on Thursday mid morning. Big Suburban, leather seats, snacks, music… fun!