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To: All New Mexico Home Inspectors

Much to my surprise, a Home Inspector licensing bill was introduced on Tuesday. I found out about the bill yesterday because I have been doing a regular search of the 2013 NM Legislative session web site.

The bill is the same bill (SB48) introduced and tabled last year. The only change is the addition of a section clarifying the home inspector is not performing a “code inspection”.

I suggest you review the bill and contact your House and Senate Representatives with your support or opposition to some or all of the current bill (HB 319). See the link ( to identify your representatives.

It was introduced in the Judiciary committee. In addition to providing your concerns to your representatives, the Judiciary members should be included. (

The only way to know when it will be reviewed is by monitoring the “House Committee Schedule” (see link below) every day.

We represent the home inspector profession in New Mexico and all follow our respective Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice so please express your opposition or support in a professional manner.

If you would like to send your comments to me, I will compile them (as written) into one document and with your permission present them to the Judiciary committee.

As I find out more about the bill schedule I will update you. The Judiciary could review and vote to table or send on to the floor next week or 2 weeks.

Again, please express your opposition or support in a professional manner!

Sponsor: Mary Helen Garcia (Las Cruces)
Current Location: House Judiciary Committee
Actions: (Key to Abbreviations) [10] HJC
Introduced (1/29/13)
Here are web links:
New Mexico Legislature

Bill Finder

House Committee Schedule

Representative Districts

Judiciary Committee

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How do you know that a defect is a defect without IRC or statewide building codes to go by?

No codes, no licensing. Are builders licensed? Contractors of all trades?

All agents want is basic, minimum reports at the blessings of ASHI.

This is a scam that is growing nationwide.