New Mexico Lottery photo contest

The NM lottery is having a dog photo contest. If you would like to help a INACHI member get his dogs picture on a lottery scratch off ticket please go here to vote for him. His name is Riley and he is my HI assistant

You can vote once per day per computer until Feb 4th

Thanks for your help

O.k. Done. I’ll try to remember to vote often. Good Luck!

Thanks Eric

Gave him 50.
What mix do you think he is?

I am not sure what breed he is Bob, Got him from the pound 4 years ago. He was about a year old. My wife and I didn’t even think he could bark because it was close to 3 weeks after we got him before he ever did bark. He still to this day does bark much.

My wife has looked online and through books and she has figured he is about 8 different types of dog. Meaning everytime she looked she changed her mind on what he is.
He is just my Riley dog and a very good pal. Hope you vote for him

Ron… voted for your little buddy! Did you try and attach the ‘voting widget’ (bottom of page) to your signiture, website, FB, Twitter, etc… )? It’s all about marketing, dude!

PS… you need to edit your first post to add that Riley is your HI Asst. in training, so your post doesn’t get reported!

Thanks Jeffrey I will try that

Voted #55

Here’s the widget

<script type=“text/javascript” src=“”></script>

Nope got to put it in my signature like Jeffrey said

Ron, if you can’t get it to work, at least put a descriptive link in your sig.

Example: Click here to vote for my BFF

vote #58

Growing fast lolol

"He is just my Riley dog…"

Not “just”. He is a member of your family and a winner already.
And I voted for him.

I voted. Nice photo.

Thanks Michael

Thanks George, Wayne, Robert and Jeffrey

Voted again… up to 110.

Riley thanks you all for your support!!