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It constantly amazes me that most REA’s and their office/brokers/bosses should be the ones to set the HI standards and requirements. These REA’s and their cronies rely on, and hide behind, state HI laws, that mandate basic, minimal licensing requirements that result in basic, bare minimum home inspections and reports. These basic minimums DO NOT, and never will, benefit unsuspecting home buyers. These basics only cause the buyers to not be alarmed in purchasing a so-so property, so all REA’s, office managers, mortgage companies, title companies to all get their commissions from home sales. These basic, minimal requirements are being pushed by REA lobbyists.

It is sad that the easy way to solve the problem is to have the REA’s themselves set the HI standards high, and to recommend the best HI available. It is even stated in NAR documents that all members must provide the best services to their clients.

They simply do not, and want to continue to hide behind state HI laws. Home buyers will be left with purchasing sub-par properties, by used home commissioned sales people, who only care about sales figures and filling wallets.

It amazes me that you NEVER hear the same news teams checking AND discovering how many complaints there are AGAINST the trained / licensed real estate agents, contractors, remodelers, etc.

NOR do you ever read about the fact that most of the time the COMPLAINTS or LICENSING push DID NOT come from the public BUT from the used house commissioned sales people in an attempt to shift liability.

It’s the same push-push in every licensed state, and the same circle of HI life.

Make the HI’s carry lots of insurance, and make the HI requirements basic. The good HI’s push back with thorough, detailed reports, but do not get business. The REA’s seek out cheap, inexperienced HI’s, and push for licensing.

Kansas realized what was going on, and got the laws out. Other states should also.

Detailed reports work well for me Gary.
Lots of business.

Move to Chicago and do your thing .

I’m the one who killed the legislation. We snail mail bombarded every legislator in New Mexico back in March: