New MICB department to audit CMI designees and new applications

The MICB announces the formation of its new Audit Department. The Audit Department will provide oversight with regard to all new CMI applications. Additionally, it is empowered to conduct random audits of any existing CMI designation holders.

Though it has no authority to revoke anyone’s CMI status, the Audit Department may issue opinions to MICB President John McKenna, as well as a newly formed MICB Audit Committee, with regard to any rejection of new applications, or possible sanctions/revocations to existing CMI designation holders who are out of compliance.

Not to be confused with peer review, the purpose of the Audit Department is to validate applications, to digitize them for future use, and to verify compliance with CMI designation standards.

Sounds Good.

A great idea to further strengthen the CMI designation.

Any further updates?

Not yet.