New Microsite for Thermal Cameras and

Please visit our new microsite for thermal imaging cameras and training,

what is a microsite? cuz it looks like a website to me.

I had that same question in mind as I scrolled on down

A microsight is when someone thinks the secret to SEO is to simply buy the domain with the exact keywords or search phrase that you are trying to rank for. Usually within a few months the owner realizes (at least for super competitive non location specific terms) that this technique does not work. However putting the URL into anchor txt as a backlink can help. I will hook you up Leslie.

Infrared Thermal Camera

My advice, give up on going through the two years of hell trying to rank for “infrared camera”, “ir camera” and “thermal imager” just to crack the top 5. The top 4 will naturally develop more links for those terms than you can spam…cough…cough…produce.


sorry jason, my chinese is a little rusty, ya wanna try in english :shock::mrgreen::mrgreen:

At the end of the day, we look at how any marketing project increases quality traffic to our site and the new sites have done that so far.

We called it a microsite because it is a segment of our main website that was spun off.