New Missouri Licensing Bills


Yesterday the Missouri Legislators introduced 2 home inspection licensing bills (Senate = SB-651 and House HB-1291)

The Senate Bill is a Registration Act / About 3 paragraphs long.

The House Bill is mostly a full bore licensing act with 23 Co-Sponsors besides the main sponsor. One of those Co-Sponsors is Representative Michele Kratky (she is the past XO of the St Louis Board of Realtors & her husband Fred is current XO of St Louis Board of Realtors). Also of note the Committee hearing the house bill is the **“Professional Registration & Licensing Committee” **and it looks like of the about 21 members of that Committee, at least 6 are Co-Sponsors of the HB-1291

REAL INTERESTING … No Conflict of Interest there. Now the 2012 Licensing Games begin.


I think you better read both of the bills, they are word-for-word the same… Open the PDF’s and read both bills and you will see what I mean…

Heres the links:
The Senate Version:

and The House Version:

Why do we need these laws?

If so, then the state of Missouri must implement state wide, county and city wide home building codes. Home inspectors will not have any guidelines to state that a defect is a defect. We can only state that it has been “inspected”.

All tradesmen, electricians, plumbers, drywall installers, framers, foundation builders, HVAC, sheet metal workers, painters, all must be licensed, have basic rules and regulations to go by, just as home inspectors, so inspectors can dictate what is, and is not, a defect.

Sponsors of this “legislation” are opening up a huge can of worms.