New Mitigations - Raise Your Prices

Good evening Justin,
Everyone is great and I hope all is well with you and yours.

Justin, I have no doubt that you will land on your feet. Just as bdonner pointed out. The cream will always rise to the top. There will always be a market for rewrites and such for exsisting home owners. And, as bdonner wisely points out, the will choose quality and service over free coffee mugs and gas cards.

However, I think the Ins. industry is untrust worthy with their error rates. I submitted a WM on my personal house, signed by another contractor. It was rejected, by the inspector who reinspected for quality purposes. He showed up when we were not home.
I have security cameras. I saw the ‘inspection’. The guy pulled into my drive way and never got out of the car. He rejected the front doors that open inward, and have a glass insert. From his car, he could not see the hurricane anchors painted to match the wall.
Needless to say, after my phone call. They sent another inspector. He at least walked around the house to verify the hurricane hardware. He did not ask to see the panels, or inspect my attic.

It seems like a mistake or an omission. How can a tile roof not meet FBC/SFBC just because it doesnt meet uplift requirements of shingle/metal. I think this is just a clerical error, but why is State Farm sending out memos clarifying this? I know for a fact that universal will give an FBC credit for any type of roof thatwas permitted in accordance with code. This would be like saying accordian shutters don’t count for no reason. I would love to hear some logic behind this.

Well otis is in a meeting all day tommorow I may hear from him on wEDNESDAY. wE WILL SEE AND i WILL POST. ANYONE WHO HAS A QUESTION POST IT AS SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE i WILL COPY AND PASTE AND MAKE A LIST TO DISCUSS WITH HIM. Sorry about the caps my finger slipped.

What makes you believe there is any connection between FBC and the 1802 form (loaded question) :wink:


They are free! Where the heck are you guys at that are actually charging for this service and think you can charge extra for it with a home inspection… Oh, wait they are free with a home inspection with you too aren’t they? I bet I have answers to questions you contractors doing home inspections haven’t ever thought about yet, when you have them(the questions) I will share them(the answers) if you charge for each and every service you offer.

HUH what are you refering to? is it in this thread?

Oh i found it you responded to me from a different thread. Here we go again…Be a smart a s s if you want to but we are actually trying to Share information and Help each other figure this crap out Mr. Hoagland. I can always tell when someone does not like me they refer to me as Mr. Meeker. I figured it out you are so brilliant you have all the answers but are not qualified to do the inspections. That is why I got such a sh-tty answer. Don’t worry it looks like you will soon be qualified to do them and you will probably be able to get at least $20 to do one.

I am not sure I completely understand you. However, I believe you are refering to me.

For your Info, I have been a Home Inspector for quite a while. In fact, I was a Home Inspector long before I become a contractor. Instead of complaining about what I was not licensed to do, I became licensed.

You appear to tell me you are more qualified than I. Who can say?
However, I can supply the consumer with a similar product at a superior price.

As to my statements about the price of WM, I’m simply stating the truth about the economics. It’s the fundemental economic principle of Supply and Demand

I am always a smart a s s it beats the hell out of being a dumb azz. Charge for all ancilliary services is my message I hope everyone is getting it or we will mutually fail to survive. I been doing this far too long to do anything for free. I have serious concerns that these WM inspections will knock out everyone doing them eventually. I am qualified to do these inspections as qualified as anyone you will ever know or meet and you know it. I am also intelligent enough to understand what this new form is designed for is intentionally targeting the inspectors for a world of hurt. There will never be a course that adequately answers you’re legitmate questions or mine. There will be continued confusion and it is by design. In the end attorneys will profit, homeowners will suffer and insurance companies will sue inspectors… I got no crystal ball, but I guarantee it will happen.

Jay I must finally diaagree with you.

He must be talking about me.

Brian please claify so we know who should be pissed Jay or Me.

Wait it may just be all of the EVIL CONTRACTORS:twisted:

No I won’t clarify, if the foo sh ts where it.

He did say “Contractors”. Around here, thats become too great of an insult for any ONE person to claim. LOL

Brian it will soon be over as soon as they let thousands more be able to do them. The price will never be above $19.99 Remember when we start to see it I called it first $19.99.

They are free! That’s what I’m bitchin about.

I am the only one I know that offers them for free and only with a Full home Inspection. It is to compete with the free Mold, Radon, and Termite inspections that are thrown in every inspection around here. Then the do the whole thing for $195.00 . Get used to tough competition or get in another line of business. Funny thing is I don’t bit-h about I just compete with it.

I’m going to show up at the next realtors meeting and hand out coupons for Free Wind Mits with any full inspection.

I have been trying that on my home inspection site and so far no takers.

From what I’ve seen Mike, your prices with the free WM are comparible to other competitors who add that service for an additional fee.
Try the coupons with the realtors. They really like showing buyers that they can save them some money.

I will probably end up doing something like that some day. I just made a brochure for my home consultation service. I am marketing it as a

[size=3]Home Inspection Alternative. All Verbal. It was just getting fun but I am tired and have a busy day tomorrow. Everyone have a great night and try not to let this crap piss you all off to much. It sucks when you can’t sleep because you are thinking about this crap.

Thanks for making my case guys. You are causing the problem to worsen, as to getting out of the buisiness… kiss my a , I’ll probably still be here when both of you are a distant memory. Regardless, good luck. I bet you can get more work if you cut down the time on each inspecton by 20% too. Realtors like that.