New Mobile Site

Built my first real mobile site (for smartphones/tablets). Is it to simple? I tried to make it as a mobile site is intended. Short and straight to the point. What do you guys think?

Go to… on your smart phones.

I like it a lot.

I have one comment. Every brand/logo you have on there that doesn’t promote you (like the CMI logo does) in a self-explanatory way, detracts from your personal brand, so I would take away the FLIR text under the PIC of the IR camera (you can leave the PIC of the camera itself) and remove the HomeGauge logo altogether. No one outside our industry knows what those two brands are or mean.

Thanks Nick. I see what your saying and agree 100%. As for the thread what I’m asking is a review of my mobile site or site that is only seen on your smartphone or tablet. Did you use a laptop or desktop to view my main full blown site? If so that’s the wrong site instead pull out your smartphone and see what you get with it and let me know what you think. My mobile site should pull up for you. Thank you sir.

Looks good billy

Looks good Billy!

First thing I do is use a full site mode.
Mobile sites are overrated.

Billy even on my giant screen Note 3 the graphics at top are waaaaay toooo small.

The glasses thing is cool for your desired image projection in general l but on mobile being honest ] looks a little creepy and would rather you went back to youthful for that site shot in particular.

Looked at it on an iPhone 5. It looks good. Nice design and the layout is easy to navigate. I can’t stand mobile sites where it is a vertical list of full width horizontal buttons. The four or five buttons across the top is a nice touch.

There are only two changes I would recommend. First, I would get rid of the redundant contact page. The envelope and the phone basically take you to the same page when clicked. The phone would suffice since it also opens up the drop-down call selection and the contact page at the same time.

Second, I would eliminate photos and designations of yourself from every page except the homepage and bring up page content to be visible within the top frame of those pages. The simplest design would be to click on a button and have the content you were clicking to show up in the next frame you see. Having to scroll down is unnecessary. At least on the iPhone 5 you have plenty of room for the beginning of page content if all you have at the top are your menu buttons and your logo. Name and logo recognition are much more important than face recognition IMO. It’s just my perspective, I hope it helps.

Thanks everyone. I appreciate the comments. Ok I listened to you guys and made some final touches about five mins ago. If you have time please take a look one more time on your smartphone and let me know if you see the same issues you’re talking about. Thanks guys.

Never mind on the call and envelope buttons. I thought it was loading a page when the phone button was clicked but I think it was a refresh of the page content occurring.

Otherwise I see no differences from before.

Still not a fan of the muted color in that image.
Just reminds me of something from a haunted house.

Ok guys. Now what do you think? Please use smart phones only. Thanks for the help. I sincerely appreciate all your comments.

Billy, on Tues I’ll have staffers look at it for you on their various phones. I use a $19.99 cell phone I’ve had for 6 years, so I’m not much help.

Looks cool as a art piece but sells nothing.
Just a bunch of icons in this version I am seeing which means nothing to future lurkers as when you change the site the past versions are not saved on your one link posted here. Last version was good with your layout.

Ok read services then cost (just added cost). Mobile sites are meant to be directly to the point and if you read what google has to say and others they say keep it simple with big buttons on the home page. It’s not meant to be in detail like our full sites are. I think I pretty much sum it up with How I Benefit You under the button services. That’s what I’m selling plus people who visit our sites are already sold on the idea they want a home inspection before they arrive at our sites 9 times out of ten but not on the idea of who should they pick. Thanks Bob I appreciate the feedback.

Cool thanks Nick. I appreciate it.

Mr Online Association Master has old tech…lol

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Bob you lost me. What are you talking about with this post?

I’m assuming post #12.