New Mold brochure for home inspectors.

I am pleased to announce that PRO-LAB and NACHI are completing the design of a new Mold brochure for REALTORs and consumers. The new brochure has the NACHI logo on it of course.

They will be readily available soon. Stay tuned.

Re: If we can get 100 members to order 1 case (100 books) each we can get a great deal.
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How are we doing I am getting anixous and wonder are we getting close to the magic number for printing.

If you Home inspectors have not put in your order you might want to consider them.
Getting anxious

Roy Cooke RHI.

I’ll count them up.

Also, maybe we can misspell MOULD for you all up north. :smiley:

Canadians are flexable we can live with both spelling .
What surprised me was the scientist who has some great information spells Mould I wonder in his field is that the way it is spelled ?
Roy Cooke >RHI