New Move In Certified HI-RES logo now available.

Sweet, now we need one for Fetch Report - Thanks

Do you have any other graphic format for the MIC sign?
I found a Avery do it yourself sign kit for 20 bucks! Complete with software but The PSD or ESP does not work for some reason. EPS is listed as supported format but it comes back as invalid…

Never mind Nick

Got it working with some of my other software…


Microsoft Digital Image file wil not open on my computer, will other programs open this file ? Anyone else unable to open this file ? I see Patrick had a problem as well but did get the file open, what did you use to open the file Patrick ?

It is an eps file that I can’t open, it sends me to windows file association and gives me 5 choices of software to purchase starting at $99.00 to open it. But I haven’t taken the plunge to MIC yet anyway. :wink:

If you have a graphics program that reads PSD files then there is a chance
you can convert the file to another format.

I have a variety of programs to play with but any good graphics program should work . Now the fun part is resizing and quality issues.:wink:

The image files are made for professional printers. I’ll upload a new version that’s more widely compatible tomorrow.