New NACHI Hummer Loan Program!

Click this image to view the large pic of the proposed NACHI Hummer.

As a Marketing guy I would like to propose the follwing:

NACHI lease a couple of Hummer trucks and do the following:

  1. Deck them out with logos
  2. Rotate them around yearly
  3. Drivers MUST sign a Hold Harmless
  4. At the end of the 3 or 4 year lease we could buy them and then raffle them
  5. Drivers MUST agree to go to 12 Chapter events each year with the trucks
  6. Have Pro-Lab or other lab co-sponsor the cost

Of course, I also would like to be considered for the program.

Brilliant. So brilliant I almost thought of it myself :wink: .

great idea:mrgreen:

Harvey your chapter just received its goodie for the year. Looks like another Florida President will have to promote us in this manner. Sorry Dude!!

I think there are better ways to spend membership money.

As the education coordinator for Ohio I would love to have one of those and drive around educating all the realtors about the benefits of Nachi. In fact I would love to become the full time PR man for Ohio, maybe even the tri-state area.
Any thoughts Nick?

The idea is brilliant and perhaps local chapters could do it with NACHI’s help.

I have to of course vote against the idea of NACHI doing it, but it would be fine as a co-op locally.

Got off the phone with hummer, we can have 6 today but there is an issue with the decals going on leased vehicles and an insurance issue, nothing that can’t be overcome.

The decal issue is simply because they dont want damage…but then again, damages are paid when the veh’s are returned. In this case we will be buying them in the end anyway :slight_smile:

Decals on side & rear windows. No problem
I could cover the entire Northwest with this, going chapter to chapter and creating more in between.
Already have some Left-Out guys in WA about talked into creating one . . .

Get a model with a pop-out camper, I’ll put in a solar panel & carry electricity with me, we can have NACHI meetings at all the good fishing holes in the Inland Northwest!

Harvey, brilliant!

No need for them to be paid by membership; sponsors would dish it out, plus we’d be handing out their goodies at meetings. Cooperative advertising & sponsorship at its best!


Be sure to get some for Canada INTERNACHI


I agree Russ!

I have for Florida ProLab, Disaster Resoration and GoSmallBiz basically locked in and maybe even Brinks.

The deal would be to get 12 sponsors each and have each co-pay the lease.

These guys would love the opportunity to have their logos at each chapter event along with the trucks,…everybody likes toys like these!

inappropriate. please accept my apologies.

If I get a hummer…oh never mind, wrong thread.

just improving the post.

I promise to drive the hummer everywhere…not just meetings, not just inspections but everywhere.

Ok maybe its just me but … :wink:



Ahem…your point Gerry? tapping foot… :wink:


Was Wendy at the convention?? I would have, ooops no, I might have been taped…:smiley: