New NACHI logo

I notice that the little NACHI logo on the website has been changed to the new one with “inter” added virtically on the left side.

Now if any NAHI guys think that is somehow some kind of victory and worth all the money they spent on lawyers, they should break out their magnifying glasses.

They also changed the name directly adjacent to it to “An International Association of Certified Home Inspectors”…

Not sure what the “AN” is about…

I changed any and all manual references from NACHI to InterNACHI on our local SoCal chapter website several days ago…

There not avalable on the NACHI Logo page yet.

Hey Nick and Chris;

Will you be posting new banners and logos for use on our websites soon?

I’m also assuming the changes will automatically be made to the chapter website templates.


There should be no hurry for members or chapters to use the new logos since we are not a party to the agreement. We can use the old ones as long as we want. I wouldn’t assume that the chapter sites have to change either, as the chapters are also not a party to the agreement.

I do think that refering to NACHI as “An International Association of Home Inspectors” ha a nice ring to it. I guess if NAHI wants to go international, we’ll jusdt have to sue them. :smiley:

We are slowly going international in many ways on our own, but there is no rush and the agreement does not require us to do anything in a certain amount of time. We are free to make the “inter” microscopic according to the agreement.

Funny thing about attorneys… while the argue over stupid stuff for months and generate mountains of meaningless paperwork, they often forget about the important stuff like “how soon” and “how big.” :wink: Then they’re all too embarrassed to complain later to a civilian (like me) that “they meant to say this or that in the agreement.”

Too late now.

I think the “An” part is to aviod preseenting an actual name change on the website. Works for me. As for our chapter, we may not be changing anything. As a fully independat organizatin we can refer to the parent organization any way we want. I think other chpaters still fall under the category of members and are probably not required to change anything either.

NACHIStuff doesn’t have to change to InterNACHIStuff, NACHI Certtified Education doesn’t have to change to InterNACHI Certified Education and so on.

Our Wisconsin Chapter is an independant chartered chapter and we won’t need to change WiNACHI to WiiNACHI or any of our uses of the original NACHI logos unless we decide to.

I personally hope everyone doesn’t jump on the bandwagon to quickly. Let NAHI sweat .

They had to be so anxious to settle that they sure missed a lot of gaping holes. All the members and chapters can thwart thier desired result for years to come (Assuming they last that long).

I’ll happily be head of a movement of members to keep our individual websites and marketing materials the same as they reference NACHI (Until NAHI folds).

I hope as the new logos roll out, that it is made clear that members use of the new logo and changing any reference to NACHI and the “Natiional Association of Certified Home Inspectors”, by members and chapters is purely voluntary.

Correct. The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors, Inc. was the lone defendant and it only owns one website and is not bound to complete anything by any certain time (despite a room full of attorneys authoring the settlement agreement) and is not bound to make “inter” any particular size (it can be microscopic according to the agreement).

I had Chris change it quickly not because of the agreement but because in the off-record settlement discussion I told Ralph Wirth that I would at least have the logo on the homepage of and tagline changed quickly. I’m a man of my word and I found Ralph to be a stand up guy. I gave my word to a stand up guy… I’m keeping it.

I guess he wanted to make sure that NAHI could feel like they at least got something for their money. :sarcasm:

I do wander what had their President suggest to their members that NACHI members were going to have to change logos, etc.

BTW I was curious as to the reason why this case was heard in Michigan. I thought they we in Minnesota.

So the chapter website templets controlled, managed and operated by NACHI will not change to InterNACHI? If that’s correct, I’ll change everything back to just plain old “NACHI”:wink:

I’m not too sure of that but it seems to me that those sites are on the same server but are provided as a service to members who choose their own content. It might be one to ask the lawyer about. It is probably a bit of a grey area. Either way, no rush to change anything.

It will be once the ASHI inspectors start telling real estate agents that NACHI is InterNACHI, or went out of business, or got sued and lost or some other such nonsence. I like to stay ahead of the game. Whatever NACHI is called, I want to be a member of and have a chapter in “That” organization.

Sorry Will, but they better be careful what they tell Real Estate agents. No need to nuckle under to the nonsense of some of the jackasses in either of those organizations. I’m not so sure that changing so quickly will get you ahead of everything. It may only prove what they might try to say.

We are all still members of the “Natinal Association of Certified Home Inspectors” regardless of the “inter” added to the sites logo or the tagline calling it an international association. I might even suggest that we might be ahead of the curve by leaving it be. NAHI may not even be around two years from now.

We’re slowly moving toward interNACHI for several reasons, one of which is to distinquish us further from other associations. Another being that we really have become more international over the years and are the world’s biggest best inspection association.

Hey Nick,

Did they pick the Eastern District court in Michagan as a result of shopping for a district that would hear their case?