New NACHI Office

Nick Gromicko, Deanna Willis, Lisa Endza, and Krystal Wright have moved to the new Boulder office. Our phone lines will be up by the end of the week. Everybody can contact us by email for now. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Would you mind pointing out your new office?

It’s the one on the left:p

It is the one in upper right hand corner of the pic. The one with the white roof!

Me thinks it is an appropriate size!

Hi to all,

is it this building by any chance?



Gerry, are you referring to the Hotel where you can check out but never leave?

Erol Kartal

No, that’s in California and unless there is a Boulder there, aren’t we talking about Boulder, Colorado?
:wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it is time for you all to visit NACHI headquarters. Yamaha just called me today and I might be racing my Banshee this summer. It would be a great NACHI event since I am putting NACHI all over my ATV. You can check out NACHI headquarters and cheer me on!!!

That is me in Glamis, CA

Hi Helen,

Only Gerry would understand my comment. :cool:

Hint: It has to do with my username ekartal2. :wink:

I love Boulder (the mountain life) and would move there in a heartbeat if they had an opening.

Erol Kartal

Deanna, we’re always cheering you, Lisa & Krystal on.
And, of course, Nick!

BTW, when’s the Open House / housewarming?



Party is at Nick’s. Fillet, Lobster, campfire…the whole nine yards. :slight_smile:

Hhhmmm . . . 8,000 inspectors converging on a house party -
That would look like an old VW ad!


Shades of younger days in Estes. 8,000 at the Wheel Bar.
Well OK maybe 80. :wink:

Erol Kartal


I got that damn satellitte to get a little bit closer to the city.

Point out the new office building…

Just come out to Colorado and visit NACHI headquarters. A picture of our roof will not justify operations.

Congratulations on the new office- Hope you are all settled in- Any move take alot of work and every move requires weeks of rearranging!

Much luck and success

If you know the exact address this will give you much information on it .
( ) also works now but it can be out of date .
It is new and soon will be much better .
Roy sr


Congrats on the big move.

Hope to see the new offices soon.