new NC rules will make it hard on agents

New NC rules already in effect require this for writeups:

The statements shall describe the component or system and how the condition is defective, explain the consequences of the condition, and direct the recipient to a course of action with regard to the condition or refer the recipient to a specialist.

Now every writeup will mention one or more of these: fire, leaks, rot, mold, electrocution, structural failure, loss of value etc.

The realtors tried to use the government to force inspectors to go easy on the reports for several years now, that sure backfired on them. Wonder what they will try next?

Dick Pontello has been teaching this for as long as I know him…if you haven’t ever taken his CE courses I recommend same; he is very practical and teaches that way.


Doing your report in this manner leaves no questions unanswered.



PS. Not sure if you cover Greenville SC but I was there visiting for a few days on the motorcycle…what an awesome city to visit…great area to ride… .especially upon SC 276, pretty close to the Dragons Tail.