New NY State Law

Per the Schenectady Gazette, 22 January 2010 - “Amandas’ Law”
I quote the article, written by Gazette Staff Reporter Edward Munger, Jr.:

“A new state law drafted in the wake of a teenagers death from carbon monoxide poisoning will require that every home have a carbon monoxide detector by Feb. 22. The measure is dubbed “Amandas’ Law” after 16 year old Amanda Hansen, who died at a sleepover in January 2009. Authorities determined a malfunctioning boiler in the home near Buffalo was to blame, and the new law calls for a carbon monoxide detector to be installed when any new, fuel burning appliance is installed in a home. For new construction, the device has to be hard wired into the homes electrical circuit, but existing homes can use battery operated or plug in models, according to the state. Until now, the states building code required a carbon monoxide detector for all houses built after 2002. As of Feb 22, any home that has a fuel burning appliance is expected to have a detector, regardless of when built”.
Gabe Roth, Spokesman, NY State Department of State

The article goes on further to explain about CO. A fellow InterNACHI inspector, member of the New York Capital Region Chapter, Joe Petrozola of The Home Detective Home Inspection Service was interviewed and confirmed both the importance of CO detectors and how seldom they are seen.

Missouri was going to have a law that required carbon monoxide and smoke detectors in new homes but the Missouri Association of Realtors killed the bill because they claimed it would put too much of a hardship on the builders. Sad but true.

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It is always more important to protect the rights of lawmakers and their special interest groups, than it is to protect the consumers. This is change that we have to believe in.

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