New Office in Downtown Crockett

Thanks to Nick Gromicko for helping us with the sign in our window at our new office location in downtown Crockett Texas. Nick is always helping inspectors on the side and most never see what he does.

What’s with the illegal use of the extension cord in front of a home inspection office? No wonder you keep the drapes drawn closed.

We used the cord for making repairs outside. Keep up the good work.
The drapes are closed to hide all the piles of money inside…:slight_smile:

Looks sweet. Good luck.

you might want to invest some of that money in a new truck.

That is my sons truck and it has real value.
(the wheels have not fell off yet).

John, very nice signage! It’s good to know business is such that you can afford a separate, downtown office, I’m envious :). I see you are wisely using the Texas State Seal rather than the TREC seal which, of course, is not allowed to be used for licensee advertising purposes such as this. Since you indicated that Nick provided the signage then I’m sure he obtained the required approval from the Sec’y of State’s office for the use of the State Seal. I’ve wanted to use something along those lines myself for a long time but have not applied for permission to use it or is there some exemption for this? Do you know if the approval Nick obtained was just for your use or can all Texas-INACHI members now use it? Also, since the state requires a 3% of Company Gross Revenue royalty to use the seal then do you think that is a good investment? Obviously you do or you wouldn’t be using it but I just wanted to get your personal take on that.

Not to mention the crime scene tape… I’ll just leave it at that.


Where did you see Seal? :wink:

The picture has been removed, along with the crime scene tape.

Bushy probably got a copy of it and sent it to the states attorneys office for review.:p:p

Bushy probably got a copy of it and sent it to the states attorneys office for review.:p:p

This has got to be a front for the Crockett underworld. :slight_smile:
Looks like a good investment John, concrats. Ahh the joys of small town living.[/size]


That’s just plain awsome! Congrats! Just 1 question. I know Joey and the Bush art would want to know why Sarah P aint christened it yet?:p:cool: