New office

I was asked why I wasn’t on here much any more. I have been remodeling my new office space and it has taken alot of my time. Here in SW Florida summer is our slow season. We only do about 4 per day. So that is the time we expand, learn, and do training. Here are pictures of the new office.

I think it is presently one of a kind for the inspection industry…

It is about 90% done. There will be 5 computer stations and each person puts their info in their computer and then merges it into the master computer. We are presently doing a 3000 sq foot house with mold, radon, and all the works and the report done in about 1 hr. 45 minutes. I hope to cut this time down to about 1 hour…we shall see…

inside trailer.JPG

This is the view from the exterior looking in

trailer kitchen.JPG

This is the kitchenette area

trailer bath.JPG

This is the full bath to include shower area

trailer ext.JPG
This is the view from the exterior


I can see it in my brain: You pull that up to the scene at the appointed time, half-past 8, and yell “Scram!, Scram!”. Your guys leap out and attack the house after having received a well thought-out briefing. 30 minutes later, everything’s all mopped up. Mission accomplished.

Not fair…putting my company personnel and their uniforms on this site without my permission is not allowed!

Looks great Russell!

Curious, how many are contributing to this report? 5?

The truck, (office) does look great!

Wow, thats not a truck, looks like a modified RV toy hauler trailer.

How does that work? Do you haul it to the site or just use it as a stationary base office?

If you haul it, what does the tow vehicle look like?
What size generator for the A/C(s)?

It is a toy hauler with a 7000 kw (Kipor inverter generator) with 30 lbs of LP gas on the front.

We use a sprinter to haul it around. I am getting most of the final things installed. We take it on the almost every single family inspections. Condo’s I have the truck that was in NACHI episode 4 or 5. So we use that truck for condo’s and re-inspections.

Once all is done I will make a youtube video of it…tons of hard work. Hopefully it will all work out just fine.

That is awesome Russell. I don’t even think I would no what to say if I saw that pull up at an inspection. Very impressive.

Looks good Russell! Nice set up.