New Online Agreement Feature


We’ve added an inspector signature at the bottom of the “Edit Agreement” page. You can re-sign it if you need to make changes before the client signs it.

As for the legality of previous agreements - you’ll have to ask Nick about that. I’m a programmer, not a lawyer. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your continued suggestions!


Thanks Tim.

When/if I get challenged on a previous agreement Nick Will be the one I come to. :mrgreen: :smiley:

You can’t get “challenged” unless you are going to claim that you aren’t agreeing to the terms of your agreement. The reason some states require you to sign your own agreement is to keep you from later saying that it isn’t yours. Absent that scenario, there is nothing to challenge.

Anyway, InterNACHI’s online agreement system now permits inspectors to sign and agree to their own agreements.