New Online Agreement Features

Hi folks!

I’ve just completed an update to our Online Agreement system. Here’s what’s new:

  • There’s a fancy new signature system, allowing you to actually sign the agreement with a mouse or your finger (on a tablet). This will work in all newer browsers - old browsers will look just like the old system.
  • I’ve added better error checking for the signing. Now, if a client forgets to check one of the boxes, it will pop up with a javascript error telling them what they missed.
  • I’ve added a checkbox, in the “Send Agreement Notification” page, that will send a copy of the client notification to your email address, also.
  • We’ve also implemented a more secure identification system, based on the client’s browser fingerprint, in addition to the IP address.

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!

Find out more at:

Thanks Tim!

Sounds great, gonna give a spin!
Thank you

Just did a test… Works great!
Thanks Tim and Nick and Ben and and and… everyone!

You guys are awesome, thanks for all the great work you do

I wondered how my client managed to get a written signature at the bottom of the contract. I thought that maybe I was dealing with some sort of a genius computer hacker!
Nice feature Tim!

Very nice Tim. Thanks!

All of a sudden over the last week the email notices from the system are not being delivered to my clients…I mean none of them I am having to call and send everyone to the link on my website…any help would be appreciated.

Michael Green

See light brown “Troubleshooting” box near bottom of