New, online video ad that promotes Buy Back program starring real homebuyer.

So perfectly done, great job guys. Can we use it on our sites?



Super cool

Yep. All yours. We’re blasting it out to 1.1 million real estate agents.

WOW! That is smoking hot; can’t imagine why every inspector isn’t on board with the BUY BACK program. Would love to have this clip with me when I’m at the 2015 National Association of Realtors Convention this fall in San Diego!

That’s incredible. Lotsa mileage out of this.

Professional video.

What I do not understand is how she comes off as at ease with the camera and almost actor like while most every Inspector video makes them seem like stiffs…what up with that ? ha ha .

Very professional.

Nice job Nick, looks like I have we site work to do tomorrow to add it.



She was great to work with and her kids were just the perfects hams for the camera. The key is to have fun while working in front of the camera.

A piece of advice I would give to guys that are making your own videos, don’t memorize a script. Have a handful of questions and have someone ask them to you. That way you are having a conversation rather than trying to act. It makes all the difference on the delivery.


Good work Marshall.

Nice video.

I added it to my video page.

And again on my “pricing” page:

Really nice.

You know who this video really speaks to? Agents. The feedback is amazing. Agents eat up stuff like this.

That’s because in a regular conversation you realize facial expression is important as the words to communicate.

Most people when camera conscious see their own facial expressions as to revealing or embarrassing so try to cover them up by acting authoritative which makes them feel nervous and come across as stiff.IMO.

The one and only video I ever tried to make for SEO was done spur of the moment.I was walking through the woods and simply turned the camera on myself and started talking.One and only take.
Positive if I scripted it would be terrible.


Click the “share” button.

Then click the “embed” button.

Copy and paste the html code to your website.

Awesome video!! Any plans to put that on the “Buy Back” page that we all link the logo to?

Recent video is now on (scroll a little)

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Recent video is now on (scroll a little)

Sweet!! Thank you!!](“”)

The video is on my web site now.

Now you need a 30 to 60 second ad explaining why the guarantee is better than the warranties.