New patent for deck baluster bracket.

It seems to have some advantages. One drawback can be designed out.

He got his 20 claims in:)

Not very attractive.

That’s revolutionary?

Most certainly…all available 2" X 2" steel brackets or screws rigidly affix the baluster to the lower deck rail. Wood baluster shrinkage and subsequent moisture expansion leads to structural failure and potential loss of life and limb resulting from falls from failed balusters.
The Slip Tie Connector at the lower rail allows for vertical movement while maintaining its structural integrity.

I would be interested in knowing more about your “one drawback can be designed out”

Could you elaborate?

Huh?? Structural Failure of what? I have looked at hundreds if not well over 1000 decks at this point, and the only thing I find is broken or rotted ballusters. NO structural failure and no hazards to life or limb. Its not real difficult to replace an .86 cent balluster. If all that holds the railing on is ballusters, then it’s wrong to begin with.

Personally, all that metal attached to the entire surround of the deck would probably be an eyesore IMO.
By the time the ballusters are becoming a hazard to life or limb, so is the rest of the deck.

I heard from a friend, whose daughter was on a second story apartment deck, and her toddler “staggered” over toward the edge railing to pick up a ball and stumbled/fell forward hitting his head directly on one baluster which gave way because it was rotten and split. The two, on either side of that one at 4" apart, held as his shoulders hit them. Otherwise, he would have gone down 8 to 10 feet to the ground whatever was below. :shock:

Apparently, it was old, cracked (where the air gun slammed 2 or 3 nails into it) and painted over with several coats.

Most every deck I see has some kind of potential hazardous safety issue.

I wonder how old the deck was??? Even with a metal clip at the base, the top still needs securing and still could crack. Clip or no clip, something 20 years old is goung to be pretty rough.

That is a bit excessive isn’t it?

Larry writes:

That has been my experience as well.