NEW PICS: Electrical Systems at Our Become a Home Inspector 5-Day Class

:zap:Today during InterNACHI’s “Become a Home Inspector" five-day training class, Certified Master Inspector® Ray Kline and his students toured the different electrical systems installed at the House of Horrors®.

:white_check_mark:Are you interested in taking one of our live, hands-on training classes at the InterNACHI® House of Horrors? We host classes in both Colorado and Florida. Visit to find the right class for you!


Very nice.

It should be a requirement to take this class before you are allowed to look inside of an electrical panel

Great work, Ray Kline. Sparky those students up buddy!
PS: Loose the 3 bulb Sperry. Use a Load Circuit Analyser, wiggly for polarity and non contact volt tester.
Just a thought.