New plumbing code for ex wives.

Here is a great pick of a home plumber who did most of his own work. This is the drain for the shower. There is no trap and the 4 inch that it goes into is the main vent. The toilet is two feet away on the other side feeding directly in to the 4 inch main vent. Right below the tub connection.
:mrgreen:The Lady of the house said she had to burn incense so she could get rid of the smell. I wonder if she got the plumbing work as a valentines day gift.

Am I seeing the picture right Mark? It looks like he also cut out an entire section of floor joist to accommodate this hack job. :shock:

Nick no worry you do not need that Joist the shower covers it lol

Oh yah that was one of many in his plumbing fun he also supported the abs with concreat blocks that were about to fall over and many other items i refereed the whole plumbing system to a licensed plumber for further evaluation.