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Merry Christmas!!

Happy Holidays!

Very nice!

Merry Christmas!
Tom Trotter
2124 Canterbury Ct
Troy OH 45373

I’m interested. Merry Christmas.

Patrick Rightmier
Superior Quality Home Inspections
Rome, New York

Yes Please! Merry Christmas!

Am I getting anywhere here? Lol my kids keep distracting me ahhhhh

late again, I’m a blockhead

Not sure where I am on this list… But Yes, Please, if still available!:):slight_smile:


Merry Christmas from
Mark Newbury
Home Inspection Professionals LLC
Beloit Wisconsin

Yes, Please - Happy Holidays!!! :):):slight_smile:

Start by reading the date on the original post. Everything that nick has posted in the past is not part of the Christmas party!!!

Yes please

Merry Christmas
Count me in too!
Dan Lindeman
Tri-State Property Inspections
Cleveland TN

Me Please!

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas

Shay Ridout
All Season Home Inspections LLC
Colorado Springs, Co

Yes please!

Merry Christmas
Darrin Card
Card Inspection Services
Lake Odessa, Mi