New product I would love everyone's opinion on

Good Morning folks. I have a new product that will soon be on the market that I would love everyone’s opinion on. It is an in-line P-trap Chlorinator. It’s called the AL-G-Liminator, hence the user name. It installs in the condensate drain line of an A/C. It forces the condensate over a chlorine tablet that treats the water and kills cold water algae down stream. It also is a P-trap and will replace the existing trap or it will keep it clean. Any opinions will be very appreciated.

What is the benefit of treating the A/C condensate discharge for algae?

This algae or slime will stop the p-trap and piping down stream of "liminator from plugging.

I’m pretty sure its been done. I used to have some blue tablets you dropped into the drain pan for the exact same purpose. I know there are algaecide pads that do the same thing, but if it works and you can make some money with it I say good on ya and wish you success.

The chlorine would have an adverse affect on the decomposition of the septic tank contents by killing the bacteria, if so drained.

Thank You for the encourgament. I have also seen these blue pills for the drain pans. The hold-back on these is acess to the pan. You have to cut a hole in units to get to the pan. Unless you are talking about the secondary drain pan. I hope that with the use of the 'liminator the secondary drain pan will never see water. Also I’m not sure how long these pills last. One chlorine tablet will keep the drain line and p’trap clean for at least the whole cooling season even in south.

In my opinion the chlorine coming off the tablet will be only a fraction of the chlorine from bleach used in washing clothes.

Poster is talking about the p-trap on an HVAC condensate drain line which should never be incorporated into a septic tank. NO one wants to accidentally draw sewer gases into the AC system and distribute it throughout the house. I will say I have actually found this set up (homeowner installed) and called it out.

You need to market test it at a local HVAC supplier.
We often tried stuff out like this. Some fly and some say good-by!
I don’t think HI’s will have much input for you. HAVC is the great unknown.

Condensate blockage is something that “will” occur in time, not “might”!
Anything that makes homeowner service maintenance has a plus, but the HVAC contractors make money “servicing” and repairing this equipment, how will it help them?

Traps that can not be cleared must be cut out. If your product is an easy replacement part that facilitates replacement of the trap it may have it’s advantages.

Adding two unions so the trap can be disassembled without cutting and gluing is almost cost prohibitive in many cases. The home owner doesn’t do the maintenance so they don’t want to pay of the upgrade. What cost are you proposing?

Blockage is something that brought this product to the market. My personal drain plugs at least twice a year. As far as the advantages to the service reps, someone will have to install and maintain this for a certain percentage of consumers but the average do-it-yourselfer will save their hard-earned money for other things. The only service this needs after installation will be tablets once per year. Everyone should have an expert check their unit out at the start of each cooling season.The tablet will be added at that time by the rep. We priced this unit under the average service call for plumber or HVAC technician.

Sounds like a good idea why don’t you send me one as a test Beta for I year and I will let you know If I like it:D

I like that. It never hurts to ask. Like I said this is a new product. It will be about 6 weeks before it’s molded. The web site will be up and running in about 2-3 weeks. Keep checking WWW.AL-G-LIMINATOR.COM. Patent info went off about 4 weeks ago. Send me an e’mail. A freebee is not out of the question.

Send one to Charlie, I have three package units so they won’t be useful there. :slight_smile:

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You are wanting our thoughts with out knowing who you are or where you live .
Now you know my feelings, I wish you luck and it is great to see you come to many great Inspectors for help.
Personally it could work but will it sell I do not think so, but if by chance you have a winner starting out slow the competition will get a copy and if it is good they will flood the market before you even find a distributor
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Mr. Liminator, great idea, I have a big problem wiih my drain, send me a freebee, if it works, I will sell them for you, I have a few connections, I might be able to get you in the door. I have been working on something similar for the human body, I will call it; I.P. Freely

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My intentions certainly was not to offend anyone so let’s start over. My name is Benton Russell. I live outside of Baton Rouge, La. My background is not home inspection but I do value your opinions. My background includes some HVAC but I hope to soon retire from the chemical plant industry. This invention was bought on by necessity in order to help with MY drain problems. This is a patented device that I hope will sell. My partner has some major connections with the plumbing industry that will help us tremendously, I feel. But that’s not to say that all help will not be appreciated. Thank you for your honest opinions. As I said in post they are appreciated. Thanks and may God bless.

Hy Benton pleased to meet you hang around I am sure you can help us as well as getting our openions.
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Costgard by Trent Technologies is a required item on WalMart units. The video they have on their web site shows a pan full of wet oatmeal being sucked out of the evaporator pan. Price is $60 and up.

Hi Al …I wish you luck and you will find my advise a little helpful.