New product: Inspector Tool Bag.

I like it!

How about some helpful photos, more than just the closed bag.

What does the interior look like? Is it divided, or compartmentalized, etc?

Agreed. Looks just like a duffle bag with the InterNACHI logo.

Hi Guys,

The tool bag has a total of 13 pockets for tools. I attached a picture here.

Does it include the tools?


I was ready to purchase one. Then I got to the shipping and handling fees.

nice bag any way to get pic of inside and show pockets

No, but you might be interested in Inspector Outlet’s InterNACHI Inspector Basic Tool Package. Go here:

I have ordered some items and most time the shipping is more than the item purchased.


Why is that?

Sweet. That looks really nice and I have everything in that bag X’s 2 and a whole lot more. Can you ask Nick if he can go ahead and have those CMI bump caps made, please (whenever you get a chance) and have it blue and gold to match the shirts. Thanks in advance Maggie. You are a sweet, sweet lady who has gone above and beyond at InterNACHI since you’ve been there and I thank you kindly.

Because you chose priority FedEx and failed to enter your InterNACHI member coupon code. There are always 5 or 6 shipping options. Click the “Get Rates” button and then use the drop down menu to choose inexpensive shipping.

I just ordered one (and this is a heavy bulky item) for a member in California and the box, shipping, and handling was only $13.

Then I entered the coupon code for being an InterNACHI member and shazam!

Your coupon code is “InterNACHI”

Remember, I.O. is a FREE service for members. They sell at cost. So treat them like a co-op and help us all save money, labor, and boxes by ordering things together, not separately, which reduces shipping costs even further.

Doe it have any pockets inside and out?

Yes, Maggie posted a PIC on post #5 of this thread. This is the highest-quality bag you’ll ever hold in your hands.

I need one that has pockets inside and out. With the one I have I’m constantly digging to find things.

I tried to buy it but my login keeps failing at I.O. I even changed my password…What’s up with that?

Chris, what is your address, and what shipping method were you choosing? I just tried checking out using your address from previous orders with us, and got FedEx Home Delivery for $12.15.

Because this ships in a rather large box (20x14x6) FedEx and other shipping carriers use dimensional weighting to price this package. You pay exactly what I pay to ship this bag. My website is linked directly to and, with which I get some pretty substantial discounts due to the amount of shipping we do. Those discounts are passed on directly to you.