New product: LED USB Waterproof Video Borescopes.

We bought 1,000 of them to get the price down for members.

InterNACHI members only please.

They make them for phones as well.

If you use a tablet, you can get a adapter from USB to micro-USB.

Is the “cord” rigid?

These are the latest versions that also work with MACs.

Nice but $17 extra for shipping? NOPE

I just bought one along with the adapter. Let’s see how they will work and where I can use it. I am hoping to use it with my tablet and look into chimney, furnaces and other cool locations.

Michael, just order it when you order books or something and shipping won’t cost you anything, just like all the free stuff that is offered on Inspector Outlet.

Thanks Nick. I will add one next time I order.

Or just order first class mail which is only $2.70.

The option was not there when I looked.

USPS $3.39 to my location.

I’ve had one in my shopping cart for months at ebay I just don’t know if they are worth having.

Do you?

We tried them, they’re junk. And of course that company doesn’t help InterNACHI members.

Always shop at Inspector Outlet. Inspector Outlet directly helps InterNACHI members.

I suggest you post some photos and videos taken with this bore scope.


To demonstrate its effectiveness.

I recently bought this one:

More expensive but so far I love it. Save directly to you phone for adding pictures and videos quickly to your report.


Wouldn’t the member be able ascertain that themselves? Just plug it in and try it. No?

Don’t worry Michael, they are very effective at doing self endoscopy; apparently.

Looks like someone didn’t realize there was a drop down menu for shipping. :stuck_out_tongue: Try USPS First Class Mail. Should be much cheaper, I promise you.