New product: LED USB Waterproof Video Borescopes.

Does Nick have some experience? :wink:


I tried the drop down. Only one option was availble. When I went back USPS was available.

Same here, although mine is a ‘longer’ version for only a miniscule amount of $ more. :mrgreen:

Uh, you claim to have purchased 1,000 of them. Are you telling us that you or Ben havent taken one out of the box and played with it? Seems to me a disservice to all Members that you ‘force’ us to purchase one to find out for ourselves, when you have all those readily available for evaluation and able report to Members! Tsk-Tsk. -X

Force??? We’re not forcing anyone to buy a $4 item sold at cost. LOL.

If you don’t like the item, throw it the trash. We tested several brands and liked this one. This was kind of a one-time bulk deal we did for members and they will be sold-out soon.

So, you admit to testing the product well enough to purchase 1,000 of them, but refuse to post your test results, thus FORCING members to purchase the $4.00 plus shipping item to evaluate it for themselves.

(You do understand this isn’t about the $, don’t you?).

For those of you getting all worked up about my “abusing the nice man Nick”, understand it is Nick’s (and mine) position that all Vendor’s should be vetted by the membership. In this instance, Nick/InterNachi is the Vendor!

:wink: . I take it you’re joking.

How long have you known me? :-k

I just bought 1, I’ll give my feedback to all once it arrives.

Thanks Nick for another good deal.


Make a video of it.

I will give it a try as well Nick.

Has anyone gotten theirs to work with an android tablet? Camera arrived with no directions and I’ve tried downloading a couple apps to no avail. Youtube has not been helpful so far.

I got mine. It works with my Apple Air.

Do you know what the operating system requirements are for the camera’s? I’m wondering if it PC/Mac only or if it supports use with mobile devices…

Mine is on the way and I should be able to test it shortly on my Iphone5SE. For the price it was worth a try. Will try it on my Acer tablet as well.