New proposed SOP for inspecting exterior wall cladding. Please comment.

Comments please.

Many thanks to member Ron Huffman, P.E. for taking the lead on this project.

Nice addition to the Comsop.

Why are the types limited? If you include vinyl why not aluminum? If you include fiberboard why not wood? If you include stone why not brick?

Typo at 1.8.2.C

Good comments. That is why we posted this; to receive input from other INACHI members. These will be included in our final SOP.

1.6 should be more specific and should state that "This inspection and its associated standards of practice are NOT considered to be part of a standard home inspection and are NOT included as part of the InterNACHI standards of practice for either residential or commercial buildings."

Thanks for the input.

Okay, maybe an obvious question… Why do we need or want this?

I was even wondering how do we market exterior wall cladding inspections? Nick must be thinking in the grander scheme of things that we are not aware of yet.

My thoughts also. In my neck of the woods the only issue concerning exterior cladding, (at least that I’m aware of) that is above & beyond the scope of a home inspection, is EIFS.

And just to play devils advocate -

“Phase I Exterior Wall Cladding Inspection Report”…

*We recommend:
A. further investigation by a certified Exterior Cladding Inspector to determine if deterioration or damage may have resulted from the material defects reported above;

If a client hires me to perform an exterior cladding inspection, and I find EIFS materials and recommend he hire another inspector, IMO, to put it nicely, he is gonna be pissed. This would not reflect good on me or my business.

Or am I missing something?

My thinking is to offer this as an additional add-on inspection that you charge extra for. If the client doesn’t want it, you’ve reduced your liability. If the client is worried about stucco or EIFS (and many are) and orders the additional inspection work, you’ve increased your bank account.

Just got a call today from a prospective client that is concerned about the stucco siding on a home they want to buy because there was moisture intrusion problems in another home in the developement. They wanted invasive testing done and moisture meter readings. I told them they couldn’t do that kind of inspection without owning the home or having written permission from the owner authorizing something like that. It’s been pretty cold around here lately and don’t think we would get good thermal images to accurately diagnose any potential problems. He was going to contact the owner to get permission to drill some holes. We will see how that turns out. :roll: