New Public Service Announcement going out to all agents in U.S. and Canada.


Perfect, Thanks Nick and NACHI

The Best Inspectors SHOULD be exposed!

How does that green screen work? Do you need a special camera to add a different back drop in, or does the green just make it easier to do so.

Dumb question but I always wanted to know.

… and the diploma mill members should be exposed too. Luckily for real estate agents and their cleints there is a website that lists them all so that they can be avoided.

The green screen permits our editors to drop the talent in front of any background or video during editing. Paige will end up in front of several scenes including scrolling text in one clip. The editor can just replace everything that shade of green with anything.

Great Idea!! You should also send it to as many news agencies, publications, internet, etc. as you can. Maybe one or two will pick it up and do a story on it.

John McKenna just informed me that we have a story coming out in a major magazine next Thursday, the result of an interview I did last month.

So let use know when the video is going to be released. Will we need to update our email addresses on the NACHI Real Estate Newsletter database?
We are definitely needing this, thanks Nick. I really believe this is a direction that NACHI should be going in. We got all other inspection organizations beat except at the Realtor front. I am a strong believer that we do not need to pander to real estate agents just need to inform them.

When the PSA is finished will it be posted on NACHI. Could we place a link to it from our websites?