New radon in water levels for NH

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Peter, I am surprised the companies selling mitigation equipment didn’t fight this new law. A lot fewer houses will require treatment. This law went through the Senate and house very quickly. Shows how powerful the real estate lobby is.

I agree, however, I think the new level is more realistic. I have seen homes where the radon levels are below 4.0 but the water is say 5-6K and the buyers want it corrected, usually 3-5K to correct, hopefully this will bring into perspective.

I agree with how fast this went through. I had heard last fall that this was in the works, just goes to show you we have to stay on top of these bills as no one notifies us.

Peter, yes new level is more realistic and I do not have a problem with the new level; it is now more in line with the surrounding states and until the EPA sets a national limit the states will do as they see fit. I was just surprised how fast this went through; the mitigation companies stand to lose a good amount of business.