New Record!

Once in a while I see a wire or two in the main service panel undersized for their overcurrent protection devices. Yesterday I counted 13.:shock:


Too small for me to see.

Anything melted, Vince?

What did ya get Vince…I can’t tell but I would guess due to the number of them you found (13)-14 AWG conductors on 20A breakers…Am I right?

Hey Paul that’s exactly right. There were no melted conductors or signs of overheating. I’ve never seen so many 20amp breakers in a distribution panel.

yeah…I been around the block a few times…:wink:


It’s not the number of times around the block… it’s the stops at the burger stand on the corner that will come back to haunt you…:mrgreen:

You go that right…and i stop on every turn around.