New Recycled Rubber Shingle May Be Game Changer for Roofing Industry

Greenspiration Home features a new product called EurooLite from G.E.M. Inc. that is priced competitively with premium asphalt shingles. See it here.

We have some in town already but it looks cheap on some homes. I would not recommend it for low quality homes but high end. Here is my reasoning, the older homes don’t look good with it because it does not match the age of the home. The product is very strong according to the video education it can handle the cold temperatures and hard impact. It is a WIN WIN situation in my books that really looks good on newer homes.

They are about 10 times the price however the way they say they are cheaper is over at 90 year period which is BS… most people live in a home less than 10 years…so its not a bargain at all.

As a GC I get this crap all the time…a manufacturer rep contacting me trying to convince me why I should spend more money in the short term to get it returned in the long term…when I tell them that as a GC I don’t get my money back…as a home owner who may love the product, they will mostly likely sell the home in a few years so they don’t get their money back when I pass on the cost to them.

While going “green” can be advantageous in some instances, for the most part many products are over priced. I am doing a million dollar home right now where the client had me install a solar roof system…it was not worth it in my opinion however they feel they will make money by selling energy back to the utility company.

If I get a chance I will take pictures of the system and post it here.


Thanks for the info Jeffrey I will wait to see the pictures and I do agree that anyone putting this or any roof with 50-100 yr guarantee better be willing to stay in the home as you cannot re-coup the cost from the sale.