New Registered Domain

Just registered a new domain -

Nice Ken

Thanks Frank… How’s it going out there in San Diego? Got any more calls?

Been working on my Open House package - appreciate you posting your ideas, been helpful…

Ken, email me your shipping address. I’ll ship you a pack of stuff for your Open House Packets.

Open house survival kit is an awesome idea. I’ve done about 25 so far and I have some more this weekend by a few of my top producers. Delivering some butter tarts my wife makes to 2 of them.

Email sent with address…


Ah - another great idea !!! not sure if my wife knows how to make those but her Chocolate chip cookies are delicious !!! Some home made goodies are probably better then a pack of those store bought cheese crackers I was going to get…

Thanks Adam for the great idea.

Some people are reluctant to eat something not in a sealed package.

They’re crazy, that’s the best stuff:D

Agree - as long as it’s wrapped and not laying on a table with flies all over it I’m game…

Don’t take candy from strangers.