new regulations needed

I suggest that this is critical action to take….get hold of our government representatives, surely we can count on Al and Amy to help, and certainly Joe without a doubt. We must as a nation quickly put into place law which requires background checks for anybody wishing to purchase a pressure cooker. This is nothing to take lightly, the time is NOW! What if the next bombing occurs in a school. That could make sandy hook look like a walk in the park. Think of the children.!! Regulation and background checks are nothing short of absolutely necessary for buying any pressure cooker. And nobody, I repeat NOBODY ever has any need of a pressure cooker that holds more than four quart sized jars. Why would anyone ever need that?? They don’t. Please contact your representative, senators, prez and vice prez and tell them we demand action now! Put a stop to this insanity before it goes any farther. And close all loopholes which provide for unregulated pressure cooker sales at kitchen appliance parties. We know what needs to be done……do it!!

mike in MN

Will I have to report/register the two I have in my kitchen?

Sorry Mike I disagree ,I guess you have never done any canning ,
many who live in the country have large canners.
Banning canners will not stop idiots from being an idiot .

Look up the word sarcasm Roy :roll:

Whats next, No more water heaters? no lawn fertilizers? how about Gasoline? I applaud your concern but you need to come back to reality.


Jim, read Mike’s post #4 :wink:

LOL…my bad :roll:


My wife will use her second amendment rights if you try to take her pressure cooker :wink:

thanks for the comical comebacks…yes Roy consider my entry dripping with sarcasm. in my frustration I vent my fascination with a culture falling apart at the seams of morality and then making an incredible attempt to blame our problems on intrinsically harmless physical objects and then, even more incredible…so many buy it. moves me to believe mikes quote something about ‘grasping at fog…’
mike in MN…down with killer pressure cookers!!