New Report Upload Technology

HTML cannot be edited in an uploaded HomeGauge report.

Dale, after looking more closely at the HomeGauge website and their method of uploading/downloading the report I see it from a different angle now. HomeGauge does not send the report to the client as an HTML e-mail, which might cause problems, but rather hosts the report on their server and it is viewed by the client as a regular HTML webpage. That’s a different approach from what I was describing and that should not be an issue for anyone that is using a common browser. Now, there may very well be minor glitches like font sizes or something like that but simply viewing it shouldn’t be an issue. I stand corrected or, more appropriately, I stand informed now.

Hi everyone I just tried out your software. I liked how easy it was to start up and upload reports. My only complaint is that when I logged in like a client I was able to delete and change the words on the inspection report. I am not sure if that is because of Word or because the server does not protect the document.


If this is priced right I would use this software.

Aaron Bell
ABYRD Home Inspections
Vancouver, WA


If your report is in Word, it can be edited by anyone, it is not a server issue. My suggestion is to print your report to a PDF document (there is a free download for a PDF writer at Then clients cannot edit the report.

I hope this helps.


This does not happen often but…

What if you type the wrong email address for your client?
Regular email will kick back and you can at least know
about it and re-send the report.

With your system… there is no way of knowing if
the clients report was sent out to the wrong email.


I have now used this program successfully and I am impressed. I like the features and will continue to use it if it is priced affordably.

Great Job!


Thank you all very much for your feedback here.

For those that have ventured into the technology you will see that it is much more than just a report up load function. If used to the fullest it will manage your reporting processes, allow access for all parties from anywhere, provide liability management reports for inspectors and respective companies in addition to making your reports accessible 24/7.

How many times has a realtor or attorney had to wait until you got home to get a report from a previous week? How much more time did you spend re-sending it again?

Deliver your reports different to everyone else. Let your realtors know that they are always available. Most competitors don’t!

We will soon have automatic connection links that will enable you to connect to your web site for report down load log in so you can take advantage of also having access from your web site. Realtors and customers will be spending more time there so get ready!

As far as cost we are not sure yet, but right now it is FREE and will be for the foreseeable future.

Good luck to all and again thanks for trying out our automated report management system.


Still no answer on my “wrong email problem” (see above).


If a legal need arises, is there any documentation that you
can pull out of your records that someone did indeed “click”
on the INSPECTION AGREEMENT page? If you need to
use it, then how do you show any record of it?


Please spell check your email responses that go out to our
customers, as they represent our company.
You mis-spelled toll free as “tol free”.

You know me… the kettle calling the pot black.


What would be the advantages of delivering my reports using your system. I have been emailing my reports in password protected PDF format for years and have had very few problems. With your system my client will still need a PDF reader installed on their computer. My clients are resposible for distributing their report to who ever they chose.


If you accidentally type in the wrong email address for your client or Realtor, as long as it is a “bad” email address, meaning it doesn’t exist, you will receive a mailer daemon email in your inbox (defaults to the main company email address registered in the database), just like you would if you sent it from your own mailbox.

I will check on the spelling in the emails received.

We can pull reports on when the user name and password were entered and the button “I Agree” were clicked if there is ever a legal situation. Our database reecodrs the date and time those variables happened. Right now, I believe our company is the only company with access to that, but by calling you can get a report for your company. The programming is in place so that this functionality will be available for individual companies to pull their own report. As soon as that is available I’ll let everyone know.

For David’s question,

The advantage of using this system is that it further protects your liability by requiring that your Realtors and clients reagree to your pre/post inspection agreement. It also allows multi-inspector companies to manage their inspectors and check on reports quickly. Once the company enters the client/Realtor information, it is automatically available for the specified inspector to access quickly for report uploading. Also, when the inspector uploads his or her report, it is immediately available for the office staff to see as well. You can still enter only a client email address and they can still be responsible for getting the report to whomever needs a copy. You don’t have to enter a Realtor email address as well.


Are there any thoughts out there about allowing a company that is also in the inspection business having access to our data??

The “Virtual Inspector” subject is also something that falls in the same area. Of the people that are using it we know that you like it but what about the people that have tried it and said “NO”


Just my opinion, but I have found 1 upload to be far easier than e-mailing the report and then dealing with the questions like:

“I deleted the e-mail by accident, can you resend it”
“Can you e-mail a copy to my realtor?”
“My e-mail box is full, can you send it to x instead”
“The attached report is too large for my email system”

Upload once and resolve all e-mail issues.


The issues that you outlined are not normal with a pdf file. The lost or deleated email is sort of the same problem of the person loosing the email link with a password.



Our whole focus is on automation and business development.

The objective of our company is to provide proven and tested systems to the independents in our market so we don’t follow the footsteps of the hardware industry and real estate industry. How many small hardware stores are left apart form those that are connected to True Value? Like resale estate, how many mom and pops are still in business or is real estate mostly controlled by the large franchises. I met with many mom and pops years ago and of course they said the internet will never effect our business. Just look at the travel industry! Our industry will look no different in 10 years.

The franchises will have a much larger market share in years to come as they now focus on business development and not franchise development. They are developing more powerful systems every day for their franchises that most independents have no clue of. This will continue.

If we were to start selling systems and products that never made it to the shelf I would understand your concern, but we are not. We do have many if you are interested!

We are selling and licensing the success systems that we use every day. We do have a successful inspection business in terms of our industry and to my knowledge we are the only ones offering multi inspector and business management and marketing systems to the market that are test driven. Our entire operations and procedures manuals are for sale, as is our recruitment policies, marketing policies etc. How many competitors do you know that will actually do that? If NACHI members were to emulate anyone, I would assume it would be a proven and successful company!

The only other companies with these similar products are the franchises. Single operators and independent multi inspector companies are not going to get their hands on this information and the cost to develop is far to expensive both in terms of time and dollars. Take for example our real estate educational seminars. I spent approximately 100 hours developing one of those seminars alone. There are 11 of these seminars ready to go on our shopping cart for just $300. How many inspections did we benefit from these seminars? How many can you?

I would also mention that most vendors are previous or active home inspector companies. Carson Dunlop has by far the most invested in training materials and the best from the technical side; THEY TOO ARE A VERY LARGE MULTI INSPECTOR COMPANY! Should we now not purchase some of the best training materials in the industry? How many inspectors both in Canada and here in the US have a CD book on their shelf?

I personally take a lot of pride in our systems. I thrive on satisfaction from success and try to live in the glass half full at worst. Success to me comes in many ways. I love to hear that other inspector has received business or bettered their business from our systems. That is all that matters otherwise nothing else will. We have so many successful companies that have come through our school it is amazing, and yes they are using our systems. I even have local inspectors in our office weekly picking up systems and yes taking our business. But they are also taking every else’s business also. They even get help at various presentations that they do if they wish!

You data is not important to me, your success is.

If our virtual inspector can bring you one more inspection a month, it has paid for itself 20 times over and more. If our virtual inspector completely automates your inspection processes and procedures and saves time, then it has paid for itself over and over again. If Virtual inspector enables you to automate you Brinks reporting, the revenue stream will pay for the technology over and over again…

If our home inspection software enables you to complete inspections in the field completely and saves 20+ minutes per inspection, then this will help you also. If our new construction technology enables you to conduct many more inspection types for remodeling inspections, roof replacement inspections, window replacement inspections, storm damage inspections, then we have again put more money in you pocket and every inbound call is turned into earned revenue.

As we have moved through the last few years in technology, our entire focus has been on automation and business development. Our report software is excellent, but our managements systems are superb. We only develop systems that make sense for a multi inspector perspective. It must have return either from time savings or actual business. That is the difference and the approach that almost all multi inspector companies and franchises are moving to.

As far as, this is another form of automation. An excellent piece of technology that can help you manage your report and client functions, headache free.

Every Inspection Depot Customer is our priority. We are invested in your success whether you like it or not. If it works for us it will work for you. Again, notwithstanding the liability and ethical position, your data is of no interest to us.

We want to build virtual inspector as the first Expedia of home inspection. Let it work for you.

Regards and thanks for your honest feedback


Hi Michael,

You have to realize that there are some like Richard that don’t want to be anything more than a plain Jane home inspector. They spread their words of negativity simply because they don’t want anyone else moving ahead of them. There are many more NACHI Members that want to move ahead and become more than just a plain simple home inspector. I have no doubt that technology and credentials are the future of our industry no matter how many people we have that don’t want to move forward.

I tried the system and I think it is great. :smiley:

I do have a question/suggestion:

Can the inspector request a copy of the email that goes to the client? There could be a check box or an additional drop down to add another email address.

Could there be a section for inspector comments to add. If the inspector wanted to send a short message along with the report, could that be done?



Those are great suggestions. I will put them on our list to bring up when we meet next to discuss upgrades.


Mr Rowan

Thank you for the direct reply. Having met you in person and established a general opinion of where you are at and where you are going in this profession, I do understand what you are saying and respect your point of view that the franchise is the way to go. While I do not 100% agree, many of your points are to be well taken.

A simple statement that you will not use any of the information or data that you gain from your competitors would be reassuring. I too would become a vendor if I was able to invent a new mouse trap for HI’s based on my field exp. This is enterpenuership at its best driven for a larger $ reward at the end of the month. Not a problem. If I do invent a new mouse trap your company would be one of the first that I would contact about marketing it. Business is business and $$ are $$ go with the best.

While I do not agree that a PROFESSIONAL service can adopt the business model of the independent hardware stores and True Value, there is an economics of scale in relationship to training, insurance, advertising etc., but the spread sheet is very tight in this area (trust me I ran the #'s using the franchise model)

As far as Mr Bell’s support of your ideas at his negative post as to my and others position in the profession, I have the following to say - I would never expect YOU to express yourself in his professional manner. We all are for progessing for a better profession and making more $$ at the end of the month. If Mr Bell’s opinion of members of our profession is the same as yours then you have lost a large market. A large number of inspectors will never be clients and thus your business model will be harder to achieve. It is never a good idea to call a potential client an *** even thought he is one. Now - how many people has he turned off about going to ICC boot camp or conducting any level of business with him?? At one time he wanted me to come to one of his chapter meetings (I do not know if it was the chapter that he has now or the one that he started and failed??) to do some training. Time change

If one can put an inspector on staff and pay him or her $40,000 a year in central Florida then the franchise is the way to go (200 inspections at $200 each in a year is = to $40,000) If the franchise can not pay an inspector this then one is better to go on their own and charging $250.00 or more for the same or less work.

As far as the Internet and computers go, you are very correct. Technology is where our industry is today. If I can take a person right off the boat so to speak and give them a PDA and send them on an inspection to do a first class job and pay them too much $$ WE ARE THERE. In short I do not want any of my staff thinking on their own with out checking with the home office including how to use the company car. I supply the software, car, camera, insurance and pay check. They do it the company way or hit the highway. Thank you Nextel “GPS” At this time we are not quite there yet. We need thinking and educated inspectors but the day is coming.

Mr Rowan - One quick question – Save me some time – does your new construction reporting software report and quote code by number and verbiage? I do apologize I have not checked it out. If so I am very much impressed – ones knowledge of code should be reduced.

Also without standing on the fence are you instructing your inspectors in the area of ICC and is your company doing new construction phase inspections?? This seems to be a hot issue at this time your thoughts please sir

Thank you again – good software and getting better

Thank you again for the direct reply



There is no method to delete clients or realtors from
the system once they have been entered. Sometimes
this is needed. Also, some larger companies might like
the option to delete inspectors from the system.

Keep up the good work. I look forward to your new
update that places the sign in box on our own web
page… cool.


My opinions are my own. They in no way are a reflection on what anyone else thinks. What I stated is my opinion of you and a reflection of your tactics.