New roof drip edge flashing on the market

Hello guys,

I did an inspection where the manufacturer’s revised the installation requirements for drip edge flashing. I guess they now require this flashing to be installed directly on top of the outer roof shingles.

Nice huh?


Should reduce installation costs.

I don’t see what keeps water from running underneath it and soaking the framing material. You can see it bow up near the nail.


Please have a sense of humor.

This is not a new installation method. I was joking.

But Dave, I do have a sense of humor! Just ask me how to get rid of a tapeworm.


How does one get rid of a tapeworm?

David, that is a pretty cool install and innovative.
I will need to show this to some of our Commercial roofers. Just to show them all the painstaking efforts they have done in the past to conceal it. :mrgreen::wink:

Nice find.

Isn’t that to keep the shingles from blowin away from those nor’easters ya get up there

Kenton,??? LOL!

Nice drip loop, too. That bracket is hanging on loose screws by the look of it.


You’ve got to go to the other forum to find out…