New Roof...New Siding...New HVAC...

…I had to pull over and take a picture.

Can’t be to efficient huh Jim.
They must have run out of money after the other upgrades. :mrgreen:

James you should have called when driving in TN

That is called a Missouri window unit. Wayne I passed through Knoxville on Friday afternoon busy city

They say windows are for ventilation!? :slight_smile:

Hey Charlie did you pass through all three capitals of Tennessee? Or did you swing up to see the “golden arch” in MO?

Yes growing all the time Charlie, soon we be bigger than Nashville lol

Appeared to have a lot of construction happening and yes Dave I did go through all 3 capitals:neutral::neutral: the only good thing about MO was on the way out they had the cheapest gas $3.25 per gallon:D:D