New roof

Brand new roof on a mobile home I inspected yesterday.

You can see Great Bay from the end of the road, App. 2 miles up from the Atlantic ocean, what were they thinking?

What an amateur installation. Did you see water stains in the attic? {Was there an attic, and if so could you even get into the attic?} Was the wood underneath this area soft and or rotten?

Did you see any mold growth?

No Stains and it was raining during the inspection, roof is 2 months old per owner.
Every vent stack was installed like this.

I recommeneded the usual and my client was greatfull she hired me.

PS Brand new furnace 1 month old not working. Oil fired forced hot air, defective saftey switch on the door, would not reset.

They were thinking…it’s Friday and I am ready for a beer or it’s Monday and I had too many beers yesterday.