New Rules Question of the Week

Question of the week is evolving and we look forward to offering challenging questions for the established inspectors and newer members.

New rules are:
You can only win once a month and no more than 6 times in a calendar year. **
**This will allow more Internachi members a chance at winning a box of books. **

Please take time to read the heading on tomorrows questions.

The new questions of the week will be posted tomorrow.


Looks like these new rules are for me hehe. Love those questions!

It is a way of allowing a chance to many and distributing the winnings among all of the Members.


So are the new rules retro active or do they start now?

Rules! Isn’t that what you use to measure things?
I just can’t see any rules ( I don’t think that is a proper term) that will abide throughout the US.
Demographics will tell the tale.Yep!
Bring them on!

Please shut up!
Go take your heart medicine.

OK, not rules, requirements, or even "please, please, please, " as in the words of the Godfather of Soul.

We just want the books to go to more members.
On another note we can discuss a compromise or another way of giving credit to sharpshooters like Dave Asselin and Mr Lewis. The QOTW people are looking to improve so if anyone has suggestions send them on.

Good question.


This (these) questions (rules) and/or requirements will be treading on thin ice.
I’m lookin’ forward to some across the board rules and/or requirements…
It ain’t never gonna happen…Nope!
But,I’m waiting…Yep!
Please edit the first post “New rules are”:… To the new Requirements are…
Fair enough? Yep!

That’s the plan Roy.
Just wanted to put this out there because not everyone reads the “rules.”

But since I’m just a dumb a s s Yankee maybe you could help me out. PM me if you want as I’m looking for ideas.

I don’t read the rules…Are there any? What rules?:D… The Ten Commandments ?
You know… I’m just mess with you Brother…
Thank for all the GREAT work…
That doesn’t mean I’m gonna cut you any slack…yankee…LOL!

You can try Roy, but one of the benefits of being a Yankee is being obtuse and thick skinned.

See ya later Bro, heading off to do some Monday night plan review work. Only clean shirt job I ever had.:wink:

Where at the Gay bar?

Seems to me the “New Rules” are more “Restrictions” than “Rules”.
Restricting Members is not a good direction to tack.

Now, if you want an idea…

After a Member wins three times in a given year (books), on their fourth win they earn the privilege to come up with the question for the following weeks contest (no books). After two of those awards (question maker) in a given year, they may continue to “play” but are ineligible to win any other prizes, BUT… if they continue to play and they accumulate 10 or more total wins in a year, their names could be mentioned on the Awards Page as a “Hall of Fame Question Answerer”!


Hmm JJ always thinkin’! Great idea! :lol:

Anything constructive to offer the Committee other than condescending comments?


I like to play, but have no use for the books. I would have no problem with the winner who opts out of the prize or is ineligible to win the prize due to past winnings has to post a replacement question in the same thread to be answered by someone who is eligible and does want the prize.

All under consideration then.

Got to be simple though.
Restrictions is fine. Arguing semantics isn’t something I can spend a lot of time on.