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I am the author of a new book called " Protecting Yourself From Violence During Home Visits" which covers the mental skills and preparation that can help prevent you from being selected as a criminal’s next victim.

Were you aware that in just a 10 year period, over 700 people died as a result of violent crime while working in residences? That doesn't include the statistics on the thousands of people that survived their attacks or were victims of non-violent offenses such as theft.

Personal safety is not a subject most people enjoy thinking about because it makes us feel vulnerable. If you only hear or think about the nasty possibilities, it would be very frightening. This book doesn?t just give you the possibilities; it gives you real solutions you can use to get yourself out of dangerous situations so that you do not become a victim.

Would you be able to recognize the subtle warning signals given by someone who plans to do you harm?

Have you thought about how vulnerable you are when you are inside a client?s home?

Do you wish you could feel much safer just by reading a book?

Would you like information you can use today to keep you much safer without having to learn how to physically fight someone?

Well, here it is!

Protecting Yourself from Violence During Home Visits gives you:

- Powerful knowledge you can use immediately
- The ability to recognize subtle danger signals
- A healthy awareness that can alert you to developing danger
- Knowledge to help you combat fear and apprehension
- Safe solutions to many different situations you may encounter
- Skills you can use to get out of dangerous situations
- Ways to avoid looking like a victim
- Information about how to develop your instincts
- Precautions and preparations to keep you safe
- Non-confrontational ways to stop attackers before they get physical

About the author: Chris Puls loves sharing her knowledge about self-defense and personal safety techniques. She has a background in the martial arts and law enforcement. She has studied several different martial arts styles but mostly practices Aikido. Her past employment has been as an undercover officer for a private security firm and as a police officer (patrol division) in Cincinnati for eight and a half years. She currently teaches physical self-defense against both unarmed and armed assailants and works as a clutter specialist helping people get organized.

The book is available from and should be available at most on-line book sellers in the near future.

To go to the ordering page for the book, just visit:

The book's webpage provided by the publisher should be available soon:

If you know anyone that is involved in any of the following professions, please pass this info along to them:
Realtors, Home Health Care Practitioners, Professional Organizers, Tutors/Home Education Assistants, Repair Persons, Home Loan Evaluators, Government/City workers (Social Services, Health Dept. Etc.), Insurance Valuation Assessors, Contractors, Adoption Evaluators, Recruiters, Delivery and Product installers, Probation Officers, Interior Decorators, In Home Sales (Tupperware, Home Chef, etc.), Exercise Coaches/Personal Trainers, Maids, Baby Sitters, Home Inspectors and anyone else that goes into people's homes.

Thank you for your help in getting this valuable, life saving information out to the people who need it most.
Chris Puls

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Sorry you feel that way. I thought it might be something Home Inspectors would be interested in reading.

No one is protected by the neighborhood they work in, the social status of their clients, their age, sex, race or any other demographic. Anyone can be the victim of crime and putting yourself inside someone's home, puts you at further risk. Without training, it can be difficult to tell who is off their medication or planning to do you harm when you get where they want you (like maybe wedged into a crawl space, in the basement or up in the attic...)

The book gives many possible escapes and solutions as well as ways to spot danger so you can get out before the situation puts you in physical danger.


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Many of us actually scare the home owner. We are not the easily intimidated type icon_wink.gif. But I agree that anything can happen at anytime. However, the most dangerous part of our job is the driving.

Erol Kartal

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Thank you for the Posting.

Joseph Hagarty

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This is why we have “concealed” permits.


Inspecting for the unexpected

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Hello Chris,

Thanks for the info. It is something to think about.

Just a thought! If you offer a group discount to NACHI members you might get a few sales and referrals.

Just a thought.

Vice-President, Idaho Chapter,

Inspected as though my family are to live or work there.