New service

This got OK’d yesterday, right before we did our inspection?

Copy of electrical.JPG

OKed by who?:shock:

Electrical inspector.

I doubt if he cares. That side is the POCOs responsibility. I doubt if they are finished with it.

Give the POCO a call to confirm and or report it.

Yeah sometimes the utility will just snap a sheild on things that can get rubbed.
They do what they want.

This service is probably “temp’d in”. In some jurisdictions it is customary for the electrician to make temporary service drop connections, normally leaving plenty of slack, and the power company will make the permanent taps when their time permits. The big loop-de-doo’s are just a way of not screwing the lineman so that he has the benefit of plenty to work with. Those appear to be taped up split bolts, and the PoCo’s don’t really do it that way, so I suspect they’ll be along one of these next few weeks to make it pretty.

ALso, the drop is coming from the completely wrong direction. See the insulator and back guy?
I definitely say temp as well.