New set of consumer-targeted flyers

These consumer-targeted flyers would make a great leave-behind. Each design contains a different set of helpful tips for the homeowner.
The first three flyers can be found here:

Attach your business card, or contact me to have your business logo, contact info and personal message added in the space provided.

You can find print-ready PDF files in our Marketing Library (scroll to the very bottom to find the flyers and download the packaged design file) or email me at for a custom set.

Very nice work.

I like it!

FYI - Misspelled Carbon Monoxide “Poisoining” on the heading. Otherwise very good!

Fixed and replaced attachment in post #1.

Richard, email me your shipping address.

Where do you find these? I followed the link but could not locate them on that page.

Hi Kenneth, I just emailed you copies of all of the flyers.

Still trying to find the rest of them…

Michael, I just emailed you copies of all six flyers.

I’d like to get these as well, they look Awesome!

Excellent job Jessica (as always)