New sheetrock....looks great

I’m sure we have all done inspection where you walk into the home and you can smell the fresh paint and drywall mud.These types of situations really need to be looked at even harder if possible than the home that shows signs of old wallpaper or paint.There are certain thi ngs you can ask about the home,but as I learned from my experience down in Texas with FEMA,some people would rather lie than tell the truth,even if the truth sounded better!I guess what I am saying is,the home that looks perfect, may be the one that will come around and bite you right in the butt.Don’t let cosmetic things like paint ,grout,and new textured walls keep you from seeing whats really there.You’ve heard of an old crappy car selling because it had a liquid overhaul(new paint),it’s the same for housing too.Thanks ,:shock: JC

I document in my reports obvious renovations and or remodels, and have started to make comments about fresh paint.

Remember what the Shadow said.

Very true. It’s a big red flag to me since so many people around here “remodel” rather than gut the meth houses around here.