New slick sample report

This is really cool. Check out my new sample report. Click on the report to enlarge. Probably won’t positively affect my bottom line but it sure looks cool. Do yours free here.

BTW, you can do it with any document, word, pdf, ppt, pictures. Pretty sweet.

Very nice. I’ll check into it. Thanks.

Looks like flash based .
Interesting and may be a fun toy

Hey neat stuff! thanks!!

Yeah, it’s flash. The good part is you can tag it for SEO. That’s usually a problem with flash but not here.

Signed up
Will let you know if I find cool uses.

Good lookin stuff, thanks.

Looks good, thanks for sharing.

Like Blago would put it, that’s f***king golden Kevin! Chalk up another cool tool for my website when I get to it.

Very nice Kevin. Good job!!!

Looks good Kevin, I’d DEFINITELY put a note above the report recommending that people click on the the report to view it full screen.


Good idea.

Very cool Kevin, thanks.

If anyone wants to do it and has questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


Works good. Thanks

Sure gotta go in and look again later, but save me some time.
I only saw PDF conversion.

Where is the other files conversion?

Will trade and tell you about snagit.
New graphic program I am playing with.

Sorry, just got back from an inspection. I believe it will automatically convert whatever document you upload regardless of format. All I did was click “upload”, chose my document (pdf in this case) and it uploaded it and converted it without me doing anything.

Looks great! You could do it for your IR photos too.